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This is a story of beer, barrels and unintended consequences, of renegade brewers, and of a pet project turning into a wild beast. this is the story of barrelworks. The Barrelworks Tasting Room and Blending Center features beers from our wild ale program as well as one-off selections from our barrel-aging spirits program. Single barrel and small batch brews are limited in quantity and available only while supplies last. Information on specific beers can be found at The Barrelworks tasting room. Consider for a moment that for decades, brewers and breweries have been indoctrinated in the ways of good sanitation, cleanliness, pure strains of yeast. In a essence: Stay the hell away from anything wild! This obsession lead to the use of pedigree strains of yeast and extreme avoidance of wild yeast and bacteria, deemed undesireable...the Wild Beer program turns this doctrine on its head. Firestone Walkers next chapter in barrel fermenting and aging, willfully and enthusiastically includes adding these wild critters to beer, producing a range of strange, interesting, wonderful, pleasing and refreshing characters.

Buellton - California (Estados Unidos)
620 McMurray Rd.,

+1 (805) 6974777

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