sobre a cervejaria:
Like many great ideas, Dead Lizard Brewing Company had its humble beginnings in a garage. Richard, a third generation brewer, having first brewed with his father and brother (Dell and Scott) over 25 years ago, had been sharing his brews with co-workers, friends, and family for years. His passion for brewing and their demand for his beers fueled the transformation of nearly every inch of his garage into an elaborate home brewing facility with multiple fermenters that were nearly always full with some new recipe. This went on for years until that fateful day when his wife said, “Hey, why don’t we just start a brewery?” Today, DLBC is a family owned and operated Orlando, FL craft brewery with a 10BBL Brewhouse and a Tap Room featuring 10 different DLBC beers. In addition to our Brewery, the Dine family also has a family owned Artesian Hops farm which supplies it with Fresh Hops for our Harvest Beers. Where did the name come from? Serendipity? Providence? Richard and Storm had been toiling over a name for the brewery that was not only original and memorable, but also something that had a personal connection and that just felt right. Their creative juices had been churning out great names one after another, but it seemed that others had drank the same juice because Google quickly doomed each and every name. As this went on, months passed and the creativity was replaced with frustration. The quest for a name was put on hold as other aspects of the brewery project were focused on. It was summer now and the yard was calling. Mowing a nearly two acre lot allows for a lot of Zen time, so Richard would often use this time to clear his mind. Not surprisingly, after mowing the yard one day Richard was in a very Zen state of mind as he entered their back porch and noticed a couple of mummified lizards curled into an almost perfect Ying-Yang symbol. Serendipity…Providence…the peace of a Zen mind, as he picked up the lizards his neurons sparked and a smile crossed his face. He knew their quest was over as he rushed inside to share this discovery with his wife, “I’ve got it…Dead Lizard Brewing!” The words were still floating on the air as Storm felt that gut feeling take over and her smile joined Richard’s. It was almost as if a memory had been released because it took only a few minutes for them to hash out the basic design of the logo. Anxious to get it all out of their mind while it was fresh, Richard and Storm went back outside with pencil and paper in hand. After a few hours of tedious sketching and re-sketching, Storm finished the original drawing of the logo.

Orlando - Florida (Estados Unidos)
4507 36th St building C,

+1 4077773060

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domingo: 12:00 - 20:00
segunda-feira: fechado
terca-feira: 12:00 - 22:00
quarta-feira: 12:00 - 22:00
quinta-feira: 12:00 - 22:00
sexta-feira: 12:00 - 00:00
sabado: 12:00 - 00:00

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