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Orchid Island Brewery comes from a distinctive place, filled with love and history. Our microbrewery is modest, but looked after with great care and propelled by modern beers that break the mold. And at the base of it all is the calling card of our region: world-class citrus. Indian River County (and, very specifically, Orchid Island) is considered some of the finest citrus land in a state known for great fruit. That gift of proximity is not wasted in the myriad of beers we approach. A barrier island wedged between the glorious Atlantic Ocean and the ecologically distinctive Indian River Lagoon, we try to make our beers a reflection of that idiosyncratic home amongst the palms. That ocean and lagoon provide a warm blanket against winter freezes that come over and around the Orchid Island region, but never attack it. Citrus fruit that never spoils, never freezes on the limb, and evolves year after year, generation after generation, into a natural resource like no other. The people care for the trees, and the fruit cares for the people. It’s this that we try to capture within our brewhouse. And it’s this combination of Orchid Island Brewery’s geography and climate that lend a deep sense of terroir, place, and people.

Vero Beach - Florida (Estados Unidos)
2855 Ocean Dr,

+1 7722052436

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